Aikido Moves

Aikido Moves is a tool for learning aikido techniques.

If you've ever thought 'what technique is that' when hearing the Japanese name, or you are revising for your next grading, this is for you.

It is designed as a quick reference so you can select moves by grade, by attack, by defence, etc, view the details of each move, and for most moves watch a short video of the technique.

Each move contains a breakdown of the Japanese name, with an English translation for each component of the name. More information about the move is then provided including links to instructional videos where possible.

Mobile friendly

The site has been designed to operate well on mobiles as well as larger screen devices. It will even operate when you are not connected to the Internet, you just won't be able to view the videos, as they come direct from YouTube.

Enter Aikido Moves

About Aikido Moves

At present the database contains the moves from 5th kyu to 1st kyu, based on the Aikido Kenkyukai International curriculum.

Aikido Moves was developed as a learning aid while studying for my 3rd kyu grading. I wanted something that would:

  • Select just the set of moves I wanted to look at
  • Get translations for the parts of each name
  • View information about the move

Like many things, this turned out to be more complex than I imagined. I started adding textual descriptions to each move, but quickly realised that this would be, one, extremely time consuming, and two, difficult to comprehend. Photos are supposedly worth a thousand words, but I find them of limited usefulness for understanding complex Aikido movements. However, I found that short video clips provided a much easier way of understanding what any move entailed.

There are many good Aikido video clips on YouTube, but it is not that easy to find them when you want them. Aikido Moves has essentially become a method of cataloging the good instructional videos available to the general public on the Internet.


There are still gaps in the information currently held in Aikido Moves.

I appreciate constructive feedback on how to improve it.

If you find better instructional videos or other information which you think should be linked to from Aikido Moves, please contact me on

If you have the time to help update the information held in the database, please contact me, all help is greatly appreciated.